Alexanderson-Day 2014

Some time ago, I built a handheld VLF receiver following the schematic by Wilfried, DJ1WF:

Unfortunately, I had no luck so far in receiving SAQ – either I couldn’t spare time when there was a transmission, or my location had too much QRM. This was also the case when I tried to receive the first transmission today at 9:00 UTC from my home shack, using my IC-728, a VLF converter and the dipole which is spanned across the garden.

So, after some breakfast, I went out and gave it another try with the handheld receiver – and it worked! Not extraordinarily good, but sufficient to clearly hear the CW signals from Grimeton.

I used a few meters of wire as an antenna and my trusty Zoom H1 to record everything (low cut enabled). Here are the audio files (one untouched and one software-filtered in Audacity) and a short video of the reception site. As you can see, the weather wasn’t really on our side, but what are a few drops of rain to stop a radio amateur? 😉